Special Neighborhood Events

Shouse Day—At summer’s end, neighborhood families celebrate all things Shouse with a barbeque, DJ, games and events for all ages.

Cardboard Boat Race—After the pool closes for the summer, everyone is invited to construct a cardboard boat and race against your neighbors.

Dog Swim—The dog swim is the pool’s last summer event. The pool becomes the playground for well-beahved pups to let loose and take a plunge.

Greening Up the Neighborhood—Twice a year, in spring and in the fall, Shouse residents gather for a day of neighbor-labor, cleaning-up the common grounds, raking, pruning trees, sprucing up the bike trails, and planting flowers.

Holiday Parties—Valentine's Day Party, St. Patrick's Day Party, Easter Egg Hunt, Holi Party, Halloween Party, Holiday parties for kids and adults.

Happy Hours—Spread throughout the year in the community center or poolside on Fridays in the summer.