Lake and Walking Trail


Shouse Village neighbors can frequently be found walking dogs or hiking, jogging or biking on a paved wooded path that leads from the lake around the Shouse neighborhood.

  • The trail runs through part of the woods that abut Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts and connects with trails in surrounding neighborhoods, including the 2.5 mile Wolf Trap Trail in the woods behind the Wolf Trap National Park.
  • Well-placed benches along the trail make quiet spots for meditation or listening to the sounds of the babbling brook that meanders through the woods.

The lake is a favorite fishing spot for neighborhood anglers and every year plays host to ducks, geese, songbirds, the occasional snapping turtle, and even a few rascally beavers. Surrounded by flowering crab trees and daffodils in the spring and brilliant autumn foliage, the lake and paths provide four seasons of activity for residents.

Policies and Procedures (HOA only - login required)
The Lake and Grounds Committee (HOA only - login required) oversees all common grounds including the walking path, parking lots, tennis courts, storm water management and more .